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  1. Dear Nish,

    I’m a student at Newcastle University and part of people and planet and we’re organising for Go Green Week in February. On Saturday 15th we will be hosting a discussion with local groups on the theme of ending climate colonialism with a view of bringing local groups together to discuss the practical ways we can organise in a decolonised and anti-racist way. I’m reaching out to ask if you would be able to host the first part of this session with your workshop on climate change and colonialism so that it gives folk a greater understanding of the task at hand.

    We will reimburse your travel expenses on top of your rate for workshops.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you

    Kind regards
    Bethan Sproat

  2. Hello,
    My name is Sarra, I am a climate justice activist and am trying to incorporate my analysis of the frontlines into a Ph.D. in sustainability about climate change and colonialism, the need for decoloniality and what I have been calling the modernity’s pathology. Modernity’s pathology is what you were talking about in your workshop about the ideologies that prevent climate action. I loved your workshop on climate change & colonialism, everything you are talking about is what I have been saying in academia and being challenged as “not true”. I was wondering about your citations and whether you would be willing to share some of them. Also, I would love to cite your work as well, as I am trying to decolonize my work down to my sources meaning citing more women of color. Let me know, would love to chat as well if you have the time.

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