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Workshop: Intro to Climate Colonialism

Workshop: Intro to Climate Colonialism Posted on 10 July 2019Leave a comment

On 26th May 2019, I ran a small workshop on Climate Colonialism. These are the workshop slides, notes and reading list.

Shortcut: download / access all in this folder.


The general slideshow is here, but can also be downloaded as a PDF from here.

Each slide was attached to a set of notes, details of which can be found here:

Reading List

I’ve published a live document (which I add materials to all the time for my own collection as well as others) which contains a reading list of books, articles, podcasts & videos. This is accessible here.

* If you’d like to add anything to the list, please let me know.


Overall, the workshop isn’t as much a workshop as a lecture with some points for conversation after.

In future, my workshops will not follow this format, focussing on the present and then drawing that backward into a narrative of climate colonialism.

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