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Austerity: Where the innocent have to prove themselves not guilty

Austerity: Where the innocent have to prove themselves not guilty Posted on 21 March 2011Leave a comment

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I am angry. Angry that the government that I did not elect is cutting off benefits to millions of people who desperately need it. Angry that I am lied to continuously by politicians that are more concerned about their pockets than public welfare. Angry that the government ignores democratic action and the voices of its people.

I am shouting. Shouting desperately to have my voice heard by a biased and corporatised press. Shouting for life to be about living again and not about endless accumulation. Shouting for the people whose voices are silenced by authority, competition and brutality.

I am hurt. Hurt for all the endless injustice that carries on around me. Hurt that our society is encouraged not to care about others in fear of being called a ‘bleeding heart’. Hurt that I cannot dream and hope because then I would be seen as ‘idealistic’.

We are the innocent proclaimed guilty. We are told we’re scroungers, as if we are all guilty of not paying our taxes. We are told we’re money wasted – as if our bodies are guilty of illness by choice. We are told we’re guilty of being too poor to pay for housing that is propped up by speculators.

But we will stand up for our rights. We will stand up again and again until our legs can work no longer. We will publish our voices and make ourselves heard through whatever means we can. And we will become the politicians of the local – making policy and coping with the suffering in our own hands by standing up for each other.

On Saturday (26th March) I will be marching for an alternative. Marching for a future based on people not money. Marching for a better world. Marching for hope, jobs, growth, justice, and a future for all of us.

And I will not be alone.

Join me. Join us.

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