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We once were revolutionaries, and we can be again

We once were revolutionaries, and we can be again Posted on 1 August 20111 Comment

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When I wrote previously about the lack of vision within the current left, my hope was to create a call to arms. I hoped to start a discussion on where we are heading, so that at least we could focus on getting somewhere instead of constantly playing the role of opposition.

What seems to have happened is that we have become divided. Yes, we don’t all have the same goals and are not aiming for the same societies, but there has to be a discussion on some vague idea of where we are going. It is not enough to say that we are basically heading for an anti-capitalist society, as all of are well aware of not making the same mistakes of Soviet Russia or Idi Amin’s Uganda. But we have to build our conquests to prevent that happening, or we could very well create those circumstances all over again.

Put it this way – that Murdoch’s empire has faced a mighty blow (thanks to various left-wing bloggers, tweeps, etc) – is A Good Thing, but that we have not though of a strategy to replace the huge power vacuum that it creates is Not A Good Thing. If we mean to retake the mainstream, we need to plan. And that plan is not just ‘Let’s stop something’  but ‘Let’s stop something and put something better in its place’.

In the following weeks, we hope to be posting various articles – by myself and others – on how we can rebuild this focus and vision. I want you to be part of that discussion. If you have a solution or an idea – email it to us. Or post it on your own site & we’ll republish it.

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  1. We’ve a great deal to offer as a broad based movement and I agree that in focussing on divides, defining our aims in relation to our enemy and playing the game by their rules is deeply counterproductive. Hope I can write up a few hundred words on this to contribute to what I see as an important debate to be had, our generation must not repeat the mistakes of the last and we must ensure that the left is always on the side of humanity and environment, though the cultivation of different opinion and debate is our fundamental strength, protection of each other and our world are our greatest priorities and also the winning argument every single time…

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