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A Hedonist’s Guide to Zen or something else equally pretentious

A Hedonist’s Guide to Zen or something else equally pretentious Posted on 1 October 2015Leave a comment

Do we all have our moments of brightness? Our single point at which we have reached our peak? But if life is endless set of moments, until The End of course, how can we ever know if we have reached our peak? Patterns, Normal curves, perhaps. But moments of greatness can be invisible to even the most advanced algorithms…

But these are all Euclidean graphs. Time is multi-dimensional. Time exists because we experience each moment. And peaks turned upside down are troughs. And how we ever know which way is “up” when that all depends on where you’re standing?

Are my brightest moments also my darkest? Does my genius exist in the most horrific? How are all these things so oppositional when they so often mean the same thing?

To be most anxious when you are the happiest. Knowing you are going to fall. Knowing that this happiness is just in this moment. And as that moment ends, the Fall.

The dialectics converge. How is it not possible to see the remaining Oneness?

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