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Illogic of the TUC

Illogic of the TUC Posted on 25 March 20111 Comment

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From: Nishma Doshi
Subject: On the day arrangements : Caroline Lucas Speaking


I had a quick request to make. As I hear, Caroline Lucas will not be able to speak at the march even though Ed Miliband will. I have two main concerns with this:

1. Caroline has been one of the few MPs that has solidly spoken out against cuts right from the beginning. She has been louder and stronger than Ed Miliband and would be a great asset to the campaign.

2. We will need to work together to fight these cuts. This is not about political platform, but about false economics and ridiculous rhetoric that will directly impact the lives of so many. The wider the diversity of voices, the stronger the campaign.

Cuts are gonna divide us anyway – should we take that in the movement against those as well? I hope not.



Dear Nishma Doshi,

It has been decided that there will be only one parliamentary political speaker at the rally and that will be the Official Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband. MPs who support the TUC’s campaign are strongly encouraged to demonstrate that support by marching with their constituents who are the victims of the government’s cuts programme. Further details are available at

Kind regards,

TUC Information Service


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